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The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations (2003)

This Agreement is between:

You (the “Candidate”) and Midas Selection Limited (“Midas”)

Midas and the Candidate agree that these are the terms upon which Midas shall be providing work finding services for the Candidate:

1. Midas will not charge the Candidate for finding the Candidate a work placement. No fee shall be payable by the Candidate to Midas.

2. Midas does not pay, and is not liable for, any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the candidate whilst attending interviews with Midas’s clients.

3. The candidate agrees to notify Midas at least 24 hours prior to any interview arranged should the candidate be unable / not wish to attend the interview appointment.

4. Midas will be sourcing permanent work only for the Candidate. The type of work shall be within Sales, Marketing or Executive positions

5. The Candidate shall submit to Midas some form of confirmation of their identity prior to commencing any position with one of Midas's clients. Documents that are acceptable are a Passport, a Driving licence, or a Birth Certificate.

6. For each position for which Midas submits the Candidate's CV and/or each permanent work placement undertaken by the Candidate, the Candidate confirms that he/she has the necessary experience, training and qualifications which are required by law, or any professional body, to perform the work which the position requires and where possible the Candidate shall provide copies of any certificates of qualifications or evidence of training to Midas. The Candidate confirms that any CV/Resume provided by him/her is an accurate reflection of their career history and experience. The Candidate agrees to promptly supply all references required by the client.

7. If a Candidate secures a position with one of Midas's clients, the Candidate shall enter into written terms of employment with the client and the client shall pay all remuneration payable directly to the Candidate.

8. These terms of business may only be varied with the prior written consent of a director of Midas.

I accept and agree to the above terms upon which Midas shall provide work finding services to me.