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Salary :

Our Methodology

We don’t have a hit and miss approach to recruitment, we follow a defined and thorough recruitment methodology.

Scroll along the diagram below to view each different stage, and click-on each process box for a description of the process and the benefits to you that will save you time, money and effort.

The description of each process will appear in the scrollable panel below the methodology chart.

Position/Person Profiling

We always meet face-to-face with the client/prospect to discuss the areas detailed below, where they are relevant to the role.
This is a two-way discussion and our consultants will propose ideas and be able to perhaps constructively challenge the profile for the ideal candidate. A two way flow of ideas will provide our consultant with the benefit of the your knowledge, needs and desires.

You will also benefit from our experience and understanding of recruitment processes, common pitfalls and problems and how to overcome or avoid them.

This consultation is core to our methodology and is vital to the effectiveness of the recruitment assignment outcome.


Job Role

 Main Functions
 Targets and Key Performance Indicators
 Team Dynamics
 Reporting Structure
 Key Personalities
 Current Successes
 Career histories/previous Employers
 Personality type indicators
 Hard skills/qualifications/experience/professional membership
 Soft/cross-transferable skills


 Recruitment procedure/compliance
 Interview/assessment process
 Reference checks
 Hiring timescales
 Terms of business
 Employer branding
 Psychometric testing
 Basic competency testing/numeracy/literacy/verbal

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